The What's, Why's, and How's of Anal Bleaching.

What is anal bleaching?

Anal bleaching is the gradual lightening of the darker skin around the anus to more closely match the surrounding skin tone. While darker skin in this and surrounding areas is completely normal, darker skin in these intimate areas can lead to feelings of self consciousness and embarrassment. Therefore, some prefer to lighten and brighten intimate areas for aesthetic purposes. Anal bleaching was made popular by celebrities, youtube influencers, and other entertainers and has now been mainstreamed as a hot trend. Various procedures and treatments are offered by salons, spas, and plastic surgeons, though anal bleaching cream as an at home treatment has become increasingly popular.

Why do people bleach their bums?

While darker pigmentation around the anus is completely normal, some adults prefer to lighten the area for aesthetic or confidence reasons. The darker skin is caused by hyperpigmentation (an excess of melanin), hormonal changes and/or friction to intimate areas. Since anal bleaching treatment has become popular, there are many options for the lightening treatment. Anal bleaching can be performed at a salon or spa by a licensed aesthetician who specializes in intimate areas, a plastic surgeon or laser technician, or at home using an at home anal bleaching kit.

Will anal bleaching work for me?

Anal lightening varies by person, but can generally be achieved by people of all ethnicities and genders to lighten the area of skin around the anus, nipples, or other intimate areas. It can also be used to lighten the skin of the inner thighs or other sensitive areas where darker pigmentation appears.

What is at home anal bleaching?

At home anal bleaching is a safe and effective alternative to an anal bleaching procedure performed at a salon. Not everyone is comfortable visiting a salon for treatment. Not to mention, a salon or plastic surgeon’s visit can be quite uncomfortable -- as well as expensive. At home bleaching kits and creams provide a simple and private option for lightening your intimate skin. Caspah Cosmetics Intimate Skin Lightening cream is a professional salon-grade product that is effective and easy for anyone to use at home. It’s easy to lighten your bum and see results in a few weeks. Just follow these steps.

How to pick an anal bleaching cream?

First, do your research. This is not a situation you want to get burned. (Figuratively and literally!). There are several things you should avoid when looking for a great anal bleaching cream:

  • Make sure the product is free of hydroquinone . This ingredient is an effective lightening agent, but can be harmful to the sensitive perianal skin and has also been found to be a carcinogen.
  • Make sure you are using a product that is free of parabens, sulfates, and perfumes to avoid unnecessary irritation to your sensitive areas.
  • Most experts also recommend products made in the USA from natural ingredients.

Caspah Cosmetics Anal Bleaching Cream?

Caspah Cosmetics Intimate Skin Lightening Cream is a powerful, but gentle over the counter product that gradually lightens darker skin areas. Our Intimate Skin Lightening Cream is specially formulated and safe for use around the anus, buttocks, nipples, labia and inner thighs. It works by reducing the amount of melanin to the skin, causing lighter skin to appear as dead skin cells are shed. Melanin is the pigment producer responsible for creating darker skin. The dual action of Caspah Cosmetic Intimate Skin Lightening cream first gently exfoliates the older, darker skin and then blocks the melanin pigment as it is regenerated. The new skin has a reduced amount of melanin, causing it to more closely match the surrounding skin.

How to bleach anal area:

At home anal bleaching is completely within reach and a safe, simple, and readily available alternative to salon treatments. The process is really quite easy and simple to perform. Once you’ve acquired your anal bleaching kit, simply follow these instructions:

1. Clean and dry the application area. Make sure the application area is free of cuts, abrasions or other injuries and use clean hands always. Be careful to apply only to the intended area, especially taking care not to let the cream enter the rectum.

2. Use about a quarter-sized amount of lightening cream for the anal area, more for the larger areas of inner thighs or buttocks.

3 .Rub the lightening cream gently into skin until it is completely absorbed. Follow package directions as far as whether or not to rinse afterward.

4. Apply twice a day for best results. Usually clients can see a difference in a matter of days, but some products may take up to a couple of months before results are noticeably visible. Results will last up to six months and will not be permanent as skin is constantly renewing.

5. If irritation occurs and persists, stop using the cream immediately. You may wish to consult a dermatologist if irritation worsens. Avoid friction activities such as sex, tight underwear or thongs, hair removal, exercise, and hot baths immediately before and after treatment to minimize the liklihood of irritation.

At home anal bleaching kit

At home bleaching kits usually consist of a cream based product that is applied topically and either allowed to absorb or rinsed off after application. The cream reduces the development of pigment to darker areas of skin over time, exfoliating and gradually revealing new cells with less pigment. These new skin cells match more closely the surrounding skin tone, making dark spots less noticeable or disappear altogether. For the safest and most effective treatments, avoid products with hydroquinone, mercury, parabens, or perfumes to reduce the risk of irritation and other dangerous side effects. At home anal bleaching kits are available online as well as at some salon or plastic surgeon offices.

Does anal bleaching work?

Yes! Results with an at home anal bleaching kit can be seen in as little as one application and results may last up to six months. Treatment is safe and effective, though use caution with the product and beware of activities (such as sex, waxing or shaving, exercise, etc.) that may increase irritation. Treat the area with care should irritation occur and seek treatment if you have pain or worsening irritation.