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Skin Lightening Guide: The Basics

Who doesn’t want clear, consistent and radiant skin? Most of us want to be able to face the world confidently, to feel good about our appearance and not self-conscious. Unfortunately, struggles with hyperpigmentation can make this difficult to attain. While hyperpigmentation is common and usually harmless, many who suffer from it find it unsightly and are embarrassed by the dark spots on their skin. These dark spots most commonly appear on the parts of the body frequently exposed to the sun: face, neck, and hands. Read More…

The What's, Why's, and How's of Anal Bleaching.

What is anal bleaching? Anal bleaching is the gradual lightening of the darker skin around the anus to more closely match the surrounding skin tone. While darker skin in this and surrounding areas is completely normal, darker skin in these intimate areas can lead to feelings of self consciousness and embarrassment. Therefore, some prefer to lighten and brighten intimate areas for aesthetic purposes. Anal bleaching was made popular by celebrities, youtube influencers, and other entertainers and has now been mainstreamed as a hot trend. Read More…

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